KEMET, AVX, and imports such as tantalum capacitors logo

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 "The identity of the imports of KEMET tantalum capacitors, AVX tantalum capacitors capacitors generally include the following six:
Category 1, the letter said:
2, using two digits of its shape, structure, package, leads the start and with the axis of the relationship.
3, the temperature characteristics of the temperature compensation capacitor, useful letters, also useful for color, its significance in the following table:
Table 1 KEMET's tantalum capacitor code

KEMET's tantalum capacitor deviation

, Said the pressure of numbers and letters, letters on behalf of the effective value of the power of 10 of the figures represent the multiplicand.
Nominal capacity, with three digits, the first two valid values, the third is a power of 10. Decimal, with the R or P said. Common capacitor unit is pF, electrolytic capacitor is uF.
6, the allowable deviation. Use a letter that identifies the same meaning and domestic chip
tantalum capacitors.

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